Advanced Controlled Ventilation


The VENTUS is an advanced home ventilation system that provides fresh clean air to your home while removing both moisture and stale indoor air. 

It uses state of the art technology to control levels of CO2 and PM2.5 matter and recovers heat from the outgoing stale air to pre-heat the incoming fresh air.

VENTUS is not your ordinary ventilation system it is Advanced Controlled Ventilation.

Why ventilation?

Because it is a necessity for a
healthy home and a healthy life!

Why balanced ventilation?

Because lesser ventilation systems introduce stale roof air into your house. Roof spaces have a build-up of dust, dirt and other contaminants such as mould, insect and rodent droppings. Why would you want to introduce this air into your home?

Healthy house

Balanced Ventilation introduces fresh filtered air
the outside, while extracting stale and moist air.


Because we care about your health. The system addresses the requirement for fresh ventilation in your home by monitoring levels of CO2 as well as pollutants as small as 2.5 micrometres (more than100 times thinner than a human hair).

Our state of the art High-Definition-Display Controller allows for air to be delivered into your home based on specific parameters, not just by a set number of air changes per hour.

The ventilation thus becomes more specific to your requirements. The ideal level of CO2 and/or level of PM2.5. Or you may want to flush your home of odors, by engaging Haze Removing mode. Or introduce cool air in summer without the need to open windows, by switching on the Bypass mode.

This is Advanced Controlled Ventilation


Ventus 450+

Main Unit

HD-Display Controller

HD Display Controller
Installation Layout


“Managing to control air quality has become a major concern of our modern lives.

Ventilation solves energy, health and building preservation issues.

The observation of indoor air quality, has shown that this air can be up to ten times more polluted than fresh air.

Air tightness in new builds calls for controlled mechanical ventilation¹.”

Eurovent Certita²

¹ ‘Controlled Mechanical Ventilation’ (also referred to as Balanced Ventilation) is the process of balancing the internal atmospheric condition by exchanging inside air with outside air.

² ‘Eurovent Certita’ in Belgium is Europe’s Industry Association for Indoor Climate.