Bledisloe House Auckland – New Zealand

Solution: FCB Fan Coil Booster

Supplier: Aertesi New Zealand

The FCBs were installed near the glass wall and the strategic bidirectional airflow regulation combined with the Coanda effect, provide the exact volume of air and high comfort inside this office space.

Hotel Alma - Alghero - Italy

Solution: LNH Fan Coil Units

Supplier: Aertesi Italy

The Hotel Alma in Alghero in Italy selected the Aertesi LNH units to guarantee the best performance in their rooms as well as maximum silence and comfort, complimented by the ease of servicing the units.

Hotel Azoris Angra Garden – Portugal

Solution: ZEFIRO Fan Coil Units

Supplier: Aertesi International

The Hotel Azoris Angra Garden in Portugal selected the Aertesi ZEFIRO units for the ease and unobtrusive way these units are installed.

Hotel Le Meridien, Lisbon – Portugal

Solution: ZEFIRO Fan Coil Units

Supplier: Aertesi International

The Hotel Le Meridien, Lisbon in Portugal selected 350 Aertesi ZEFIRO units with Cabinet to control each room of this splendid and modern hotel. The use of water-based fan coil units rather than aircon units guarantees a high level of comfort.

Club Med, Djerba – Tunisia

Solution: ZEFIRO

Supplier: Aertesi International

Club Med selected just over 400 ZEFIRO ceiling mounted units for its Djerba resort. Mounted inside ceiling cavities, the ZEFIRO is an unobtrusive solution to cool this water front property.

Under Restaurant, Lindesnes - Norway

Solution: Air Handling Unit

Supplier: Systemair International

Europe’s first underwater restaurant, “Under”, has just opened in the south of Norway. The restaurant is designed by Snøhetta architects, and with a large part of the building being submerged, guests can look forward to a unique fine-dining experience.

In such an environment fresh air and floor space are valuable commodities “Under” is ventilated by a very compact and energy efficient Systemair air handling unit.