Founded in 1999, in Italy, Utek is one of Europe’s major manufacture of mechanical ventilation units, takes about 160 employees and can count on modern equipped workshop of more than 16.900 m², and 3000 m² of logistics.

Our specialization is definitely energy recovery whilst reaching levels of technical excellence.


High efficiency HRVU. Configurable on site (supply/return ducts can be connected to the top and to the bottom of the unit). Plug and play version. Total by-pass for automatic free cooling.

EPP Ducting

Highly insulated expanded polypropylene ducting. High levels of insulation and fully recyclable.

Hydronic Coils

Five sizes available based on air flow. Heating/Cooling capacity of up to 7.4kw at 500m3/h.

For products not listed or special orders, please contact us directly.