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The VENTUS is an advanced home ventilation system that provides fresh clean air to your home while removing both moisture and stale indoor air.

As well as controlling levels of CO2 and PM2.5 matter, state of the art technology recovers heat from the outgoing stale air that is then used to pre-heat the incoming fresh air.

VENTUS is not your ordinary ventilation system it is Advanced Controlled Ventilation.


For over 45 years Maico-Elicent has been passionately working with the objective of manufacturing not simply fans, but innovative, technologically advanced, environmentally friendly and human health focused products.

REC Duo 100

Decentralized Heat Recovery Unit with a thermal efficiency of 90% and integrated humidity control


A decentralized HRU with high efficiency exchanger (75%) and integrated humidity control.


A series of powerful duct centrifugal fans for outdoor installation. The ideal unit in environments where aesthetics, space or noise level are of concern. The EXT can be an easy and cost-effective solution for a centralized ventilation requirement.


A series of axial fans with a stylish front cover and lateral intake. Suitable for wall and ceiling installation and for installation on short-length ducting.

3 models with ø 100, 120 and 150 available in a wide choice of versions.


A series of new generation and exclusive design “hands-in” models of hand-driers.  They are designed to combine low energy consumption and ultra-fast drying time.


A series of centrifugal fans with central outlet of Ø 100 mm, suitable for duct exhaust through single or multiple ducting and for continuous or intermittent ventilation.


In Aertesi, we live and breathe the passion in designing and manufacturing terminal units for air treatment. Our commitment is to provide high-performance fan coils, air quality and a comfortable lifestyle.
Our solutions are used around the world in Residential Homes, Offices, Shops, Hotels and Restaurants as well as Hospitals.


Controlled Mechanical Ventilation with integrated heating & cooling


Fan coil unit available in a variety of configuration, sizes and models

Zefiro SHS

Smart Hotel Solution fan coil with front access to all components

AER Slim

Slim line enclosed fan coil unit. Horizontal and vertical model with dehumidification


Low Noise Hotel fan coil unit ideal for a quite operations


Dropdown ceiling fan coil unit with coanda air distribution effect


Established in 1974, represented in 50 countries and with 27 factories counting over 5,500 employees, Systemair is a partner that understands your reality and has the experience, tools and resources to take you forward.


High Efficiency Heat Recovery Unit with Counterflow Heat Exchanger


High Efficiency Heat Recovery Unit with Counterflow Heat Exchanger


High Efficiency Heat Recovery Unit with Counterflow Heat Exchanger

Oval +

Thanks to the flat air ducts and the associated components with an installation height of 52 mm, OVAL+ is an air distribution system that can be used in all those places where round air ducts cannot. The flat duct system is therefore the ideal solution for installation in floors, suspended ceilings or walls and anywhere where a low installation height is required.


Optimal moisture control with a healthy indoor climate.

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