High Efficiency Heat Recovery Unit with Counterflow Heat Exchanger

A decentralized HRU with high efficiency exchanger (75%) and integrated humidity control.


A series of powerful duct centrifugal fans for outdoor installation. The ideal unit in environments where aesthetics, space or noise level are of concern. The EXT can be an easy and cost-effective solution for a centralized ventilation requirement.

A series of axial fans with a stylish front cover and lateral intake. Suitable for wall and ceiling installation and for installation on short-length ducting.

3 models with ø 100, 120 and 150 available in a wide choice of versions.

A series of new generation and exclusive design “hands-in” models of hand-driers.  They are designed to combine low energy consumption and ultra-fast drying time.

A series of centrifugal fans with central outlet of Ø 100 mm, suitable for duct exhaust through single or multiple ducting and for continuous or intermittent ventilation.



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